Volume 1, No. 2, December 2018

“Think(ing) outside the Box”: Reconstituting the pedagogic perspectives of M-Learning to foster cultural and communicative competence

pp. 1-9(9)

Author(s): Debanjali Roy

Communication through Drama

pp. 10-16(7)

Author(s): Prof.Gora Chakraborti, Abhishek Lahiri, Sayantan Mitra

Contingency of Humour on Linguistics And Language

pp. 17-24(7)

Author(s): Prateeti Mukherjee

Developing Speaking skills in The English language courses using ICT for the Engineering students: An Indian Context

pp. 25-30(5)

Author(s): Ekta Singh

English for specific purposes:  Self understanding & media of communication

pp. 31-35(4)

Author(s): Tina De, Sayantani Biswas, Suvrojit Kumar Saha

English in Primary School Education in India:  A Few Observances

pp. 36-53(6)

Author(s): Dr. Joyoti Das

Error of MIS-Communication


Author(s): Sanhita Ghosh, Shreyasi Datta, Sandipan Das, Pritam Chatterjee, Saptak Roy, Bipranil Tapader

Errors in Indian English: Interlanguage and Focus Constructions

pp. 61-77(7)

Author(s): Anindita Sahoo, Pratiti Palit

Future Undergraduate English Language Curriculum Framework for Sustainable Development in Bangladesh

pp. 78-88(10)

Author(s): Obaid Wali

Music Therapy

pp. 94-99(5)

Author(s): Bhaswar Banerjee, Sayan Barat, Biswajit Saha


pp. 100-102(2)

Author(s): Soubir Ghosh, Debanjan Ghosh, Soham Biswas, Souvik Prodhan

Promoting Peace Education through LOTUS Model in English Language Classrooms

pp. 103 to 106(3)

Author(s): Dr. Hema Natarajan

Teaching English to a friend with Cerebral Palsy

pp. 107-111(4)

Author(s): Protyasha Mazumder, Sukanya Mazumder

The Advantages of Distance Education for Working Professionals: An Indian Perspective

pp. 112-115(3)

Author(s): Moumita Saha, Kavita Choudhary, Madhurima Chakrabarty, Dibyajit Mukherjee

Implementing the Theory of Multiple Intelligence for teaching improving English Speaking Skills of Engineering Students

pp. 116-119(4)

Author(s): Ankana Ghosh Dastidar, Ria Roy Choudhury