Volume 1, No. 1, August 2018

Multi-Canons And The Development Of English Language

pp. 1-3(4)

Author: Dr. A. K. Paliwal

Advancements Of English Language In The Field Of Technical Education And Current Job Scenario

pp. 4-10(7)

Authors: Abhijit Biswas, AvishekSen, Dattatreyo Roy, Subhrajyoti Banerjee

The Use of Technology in Learning and Teaching English: A Study with
Reference to the Existing Curriculum and Evaluation Scheme in the
Polytechnics in Assam

pp. 11-20(10)

Author: Dr. Babori Mahanta

Is the Language used in social media affecting textual language vis a vis
spoken language? : Studying the impact of Acronyms on language usage

pp. 21-26(6)

Author: Promiti Dutta Choudhury

Testing and Evaluation: an Effective Process of Learning Language

pp. 27-34(8)

Author: Eshita Das

Language And Peace Education

pp. 35-39(5)

Author: Indrani Ganguly

Role Of Motivation And Attitudes On Learners’ Language Learning With
Special Reference To English: An Overview Of Review Based Facts

pp. 40-48(9)

Authors: Kriti Sarkar, Koushik Chatterjee, Rupsa Sen

Implementing Learner-Centered Approach: A Survey on Its Feasibility

pp. 49-56(8)

Author: Lubaba Sanjana

An alternative methodology to improve Language Teaching in the classroom

pp. 57-61(5)

Author: Niboli T. Awomi

The Problematic Influences of First Language Culture on ESL and Modes to Overcome the Same

pp. 62-65(4)

Author: Ranjabati Basu

Language Policy For Assigning English As The Official Language and
Promoting Regional Language As A Compulsory Subject In Academics To Preserve A Country’s Ethnicity

pp. 66-70(5)

Authors: Samarpan Deb Majumder, Nikunj Verma,Sahil Sonkar, Shubham Kumar

Importance Of Grammar In Learning English As A Second Language

pp. 71-76(6)

Authors: Prof. Sanchita Datta and Prof. Namrata Mukherjee

Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages – A Critical Analysis of
Approaches, Methods And Challenges

pp. 77-84(8)

Author: Ms.Shewli Hira

Problematising the ‘Text’: Reader Response Criticism, its Praxis and role of
the ‘Reader’ In evaluating , interpreting and reinterpreting the language and
semantics of a text

pp. 85-91(7)

Author: Prof. Shreya Sarkar

Corporate Communication: Exploring the Role and Importance of Communication and its Relevance in the Cross Cultural Business Environment across the Globe

pp. 92-99(8)

Author: Prof. Sohini Datta